How to prioritize and invest in yourself

Your longest relationship is with yourself. What are you doing to prioritize it?

What are you doing to invest in and make yourself happy? A lot of people assume that their happiness lies outside of themselves. If they manage to choose the right combination of job and friends, their lives will magically improve. But, if you spend all your time trying to meet everyone else’ expectations, you’ll never find the time to invest in yourself and learn how YOU can make yourself happy.

Remind yourself what you’re here for.  It’s often easier to do things for others and it’s harder to find the motivation to do this for yourself. As uplifters, many of us, present company included, find joy in helping someone else. It’s great to be of service to others, don’t get me wrong. But if you don’t have your own goals, your own ambitions, and your own purpose, it’s easy to become part of someone else’s plan and lose yourself in that. If you hold back and don’t allow yourself to be you, to try, to take a risk, putting everyone else’s needs first, you may find yourself feeling resentful and feeling deprived or off balance.

Realize that you are the focal point of your life, and practice receiving blessings. This will bring you clarity in knowing that you have everything you need and that lending your time to others becomes more satisfying because of the stance that you take. If you’red tuned into whether giving and supporting doesn’t allow you to replenish your own energy and depletes you, that’s a sign that you need to re-focus for a while. Invest in yourself, be there for yourself, be ready to feed your own dreams and goals, to ensure you wellbeing, before ever saying yes to another person’s request. Align with the resources that fuel you. This will put you in a position of serving with purpose, when the timing is right and you’re feeling ready.

Here are four actions you can take right now to improve your relationship with yourself:

  • Don’t play it safe. If you are true to yourself, the people who really matter will support you and accept you as you are.
  • Don’t misunderstand the practice of valuing yourself for an act of selfishness or greed. You are here to experience life on your own terms.
  • Invest in yourself. Spend 15–30 minutes each day doing something that uplifts you.  
  • Do something to wind down at the end of each day, replenish your energy, and appreciate yourself.

Comment below and let me know what actions you take to invest in yourself!

For more information on how to invest in your relationship with yourself, check out my e-book “Your Ultimate Checklist for Self-care and Boundary Setting“, currently available on Amazon Kindle.

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Published by Michelle Thompson

Life Coach, Blogger, Course Creator, and Founder of Authentic World Inc.

3 thoughts on “How to prioritize and invest in yourself

  1. Investing in yourself is so very important, unfortunately it took me most of my life to do realize this… I love this post Michelle!

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