5 Steps to Finding Your Passion

Are you still trying to figure out what your passions are? Not sure if you’re in the right job? Wish you could get more excited about life? Lets just get right into it! Here are five great techniques to help you figure out what your passions are and how to connect to them and move towards a more exciting and vibrant life.

1. Connect with Your Joy

The first step to figuring out what gets you excited and makes you happy is to reconnect with the joyful moments from our past. Often times, it’s during our childhood that we feel the most connected to our passion. We have little to no limits to what we believe can accomplished. We haven’t yet been told that we can’t or shouldn’t do this or that. Children have a way of just “being” that allows them to gravitate towards the things that interested them and peek their curiosity. Curiosity can help you feel more alive and engaged with life. To connect with your joy, think back to those times in your past when you felt like nothing could hold you back.

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Have you ever felt like you were right where you needed to be? This doesn’t have to be just as a child. Think back and describe that moment. What were you doing? How were you feeling? Re-connect to the memories of times when you felt excited, vibrant, and passionate about what you were doing by asking yourself these ten questions:

1: If I won 1st place in a talent show it would be…

2: The closest I’ve come to a runner’s high is when I …

3. I’ve tried once or twice and really enjoyed…

4. If I made a homemade gift it would be…

5. As a child I dreamed of doing…

6. I can’t pass up a book or movie about…

7. If I played hooky for a week I would do…

8. Most people don’t know this but I enjoy being/doing…

9. I am the go-to person for …

10. If I could star in my own program it would be about…

2. Visualize Your Ideal Life

Having a vision for your future is key to having a direction for your life. By visualizing how you see yourself living in an ideal world, you can begin to make a plan for your future self. Consider not just how this would make you feel, but also connect with your other senses. How would it look like, smell, taste? Then, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. How do I want to spend my time from this moment on…

2. What would a day in my ideal life look like… describe it in detail…

3. Have a Deathbed Mentality

You might be wondering what the point of this next question is and how this fits into your current life. Having a deathbed mentality means imagining what it would be life if you were at the end of your life and had accomplished all you can do. Would you feel like you’d done everything you wanted to? A daily practice of reflecting on this allows you to do a “life review” and remind yourself of what’s important in life. Have you put your energy into the right things? Are you investing in the right people? Are you taking time for what really matters? Deathbed mentality may seem a little morbid but in fact it creates a sense of urgency for doing the right things, making your choices count, and having a sense of making the greatest impact possible on your environment.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

As a daily practice, ask yourself the following three questions to connect with this feeling of urgency:

1. What would be my biggest regret if I died today …

2. What am I most proud of in my life…

3. What did I do today to make a real difference…

Make a list. Reflect on what might need to change or whether your energy and time may need to be re-directed.

4. Refocus Your Energy and Time

It’s important to remind yourself that life is about being excited and passionate about what you do. I believe the meaning of life is to experience the world and all of the joys it has to offer, to love, to make a difference and others’ lives and bring joy and love to others. This is what connects us to other humans, to something bigger than ourselves, and to our purpose. Wayne Dyer said we’re not humans having a spiritual experience, we’re spiritual beings having a human experience.

Once you understand this as one of your goals in life, you can start to ask yourself if your experiences are connecting you to something greater than yourself. What makes you feel fired up? What makes you want to do more? What gives you boundless energy? Once you know what these things are, you can begin to act with purpose. It’s important to have a daily practice that keeps you grounded in that belief. The following two questions can help you figure that out:

  1. What are the things that really light me up?

2. What can I do to stay connected to those things?

Make your list.

I challenge you to focus your daily activities on the things you’ve written down on this list for the next three months, and to practice the things that keep you connected on a daily basis during that time. As an added practice, you can keep a journal to record your progress. This will not only turn new practices into daily habits but it will also transform the way you live your life.

5. Make Decisions That Help You Grow

The final step to finding your passion is making the right decisions that will get you to where you really want to be. Personal growth is an important part of the human experience. It not only allow you to become a better person and serve others in a way that enhances your connection to them, but it can help you discover things you never knew about yourself, and allow you to create a legacy for future generations to come. Pushing yourself to expand can take you in directions you never dreamed were possible. Life presents opportunities to you you didn’t know were available. Be attentive to these.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

There is only one question you need to know if you’re making the right decisions for yourself. When making a decision, author Marie Forleo recommends asking yourself this:

Does this situation make me feel like I’m growing and expanding? Or, does it do the opposite?

Often times, when presented with an opportunity to try something new we get a natural feeling of anxiety. The question is, is this your a reaction to your limiting beliefs that can play tricks on your mind, or is it your intuition telling you this isn’t right for you. If you feel you’re not ready yet for an opportunity, either because you don’t yet feel worthy or you’re not quite sure how to go about it, say yes anyway and grow into it. Even the most successful CEOs had to get through their first day at work. It’s what you do with the opportunity that matters, not what you’ve done or haven’t done before that moment. Take a chance on yourself! Recognize great opportunities to expand your life and try new things. See them for what they are, a chance to grow as a human being.  


My name is Michelle. I’m a postgraduate qualified professional with over twenty years of experience as a group facilitator and public educator. I’ve helped thousands of people re-imagine their lives and create concrete plans for self-improvement. I’ve facilitated dozens of workshops and support groups on topics like stress management, mental health and wellness, goal setting, grief counselling, safety planning, and confidence building. I’m a former social worker and crisis services coordinator, and after working for eight years as a non-profit consultant, I felt a strong desire to return to helping people. I created Authentic World Inc, an international life coaching company that offers one-on-one support and self-directed courses on personal development topics. I also teach philosophy part time at Carleton University in Canada’s national capital. In my coaching approach, I consider the teachings of the modern philosophers of our time and use a holistic method for teaching you how to become more compassionate towards yourself and improve the quality of your life in the process.





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