What Are Synchronicities and What Are They Trying to Tell Us?

Synchronicities are events and experiences that seem like coincidences but have a deeper meaning. They come together at the right time. For example, seeing an old friend we haven’t connected with in years after thinking about them, or singing a song and then hearing it again on the radio, overhearing someone talk about something that’s important in your own life, or seeing a number that holds special meaning for us repeatedly. When we experience these synchronistic moments, they’re telling us to pay closer attention to what’s happening in that moment.  

We sometimes hear about how there’s no such thing as a coincidence, and if something is meant to be it will show up in our life. But, how can we learn to recognize those moments for what they are and understand what the Universe is trying to tell us? Here are eight ways of recognizing the synchronicities around us and getting clear about what the mean:

Follow your intuition and gut. We often describe our intuition as a gut feeling. This is because we literally get a physical sensation in our body when we feel bad or good about something. Listening to your gut means being aware of the sensations in your body and knowing what they mean. We feel fear and anxiety as a tension or tightness. The reaction can be different for everyone so it’s important to know here when things feel out of place or not normal for you. But, there’s a difference between being afraid, and knowing something is wrong for you. Your intuition about something can be subtle and requires practice for you to know how to interpret it. The best way to know is to always try to be in touch with it. If you’re hesitating strongly about something, it usually means it’s either not the right time, or it’s not right for you. But, when you feel excited and can’t wait to see what happens next, this may be a sign that your intuition is telling you to act.  You may even feel compelled to visit a place, call a person, or take an action. That’s your intuition speaking to you. Do it!

Notice synchronicity in your immediate environment. These moments happen when your thoughts are almost perfectly aligned with life and become our experiences. When both the thought and the experience happen at the same time and are in balance with each other, this is a sign that you’re in the right place at the right time. You’re where you’re meant to be. For example, if you were thinking about calling an old friend you haven’t seen in years, and in that moment, you see them walking down the other side of the street, you are in alignment with that moment.

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This is a sign to act. There may be a bigger reason the two of you are meant to connect again. Perhaps they have important news for you or perhaps you can help them in some way. Be open to the possibilities. Life happens with purpose.

Notice meetings and conversations with people that resonate or suggest you take a certain direction. One of the best ways of connecting to the universe’s plan for us is to say out loud the things we desire. You’ve heard the cliché “put it out there”. Well, there’s truth to that. Talking to people about what we’re doing and where we want to go in life can open us up to new possibilities and opportunities. Often, these are the moments when an acquaintance or friend will offer you an option. You may tell a group of friends at an event that your plan is to travel to Spain for the winter and hear “My friend lives in Barcelona and rents out rooms to tourists for a great price!”.  Don’t assume you’re completely on your own with your plan. Life has a way of presenting opportunities for co-creation with others. Stay alert and allow others to contribute to your conversations about your mission or plan. You may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome and find that what the road to what you want can look a bit different then what you expected. Most people enjoy helping others. Let them help you in your journey if they can. Be open to suggestions and feedback. If what they propose feels right to you, take the chance.

Notice how your body becomes out of tune when lifestyle changes are needed.  Negative feelings are usually an indication that you still have work to do. These emotions are different then your intuition and gut feelings. They are our body and brain’s reaction to the stress in our environment. Our body’s productivity and performance can increase with some form of pressure, but when stress becomes constant, that productivity is reduced by a lot. Our body can react to long term stress by either shutting down what it things isn’t essential, or over-reacting to what it might see as a threat to the body. The fight or flight reaction is then triggered as your brain’s cortisol levels rise and your system produces adrenaline. This long-term elevation of certain chemicals can cause your system to become fatigued and overwhelmed. Change yourself and you will change the way you interact with and react to life. By making certain lifestyle changes like reducing stressful situations that don’t align with your beliefs or values, improving your diet with fresh vegetables and fruits, hydrating and heating intuitively, you can reverse some of the body’s reactions to stress. By adding daily relaxation practices like meditation and walking in nature, things like yoga or swimming, your body can move out of its fight or flight response and back its normal state. When you’re body seems out of tune and is showing signs of burnout or stress response, take a minute to think about how you’ve been treating yourself. Are you giving your body regular breaks? What are you feeding it? Seek out professional advice and guidance if you need it but don’t ignore the warning signs. Your body is trying to communicate.

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Change your own vibration and become aligned with what you want. When we hear about being ready to meet the opportunity, this means doing the work necessary to prepare yourself for what you want. There are many signs that we’re not ready for something, for example feelings of unworthiness may come up if we meet a great partner, or we may be afraid of not being enough after getting that dream job. It’s not always possible to be perfectly ready but what you can do is take the chance, go for it, and fake it till you make it. Work hard on yourself until you feel at ease with what you have. Build your confidence and self esteem, find ways to overcome feelings of overwhelm, guilt, or even imposter syndrome. Read books, try classes, watch documentaries. Follow the great philosophers of our time and learn from them. A vibration is simply a feeling that is either at ease or isn’t. When you’re vibration is aligned, you feel at ease and in sync with what’s happening. When it isn’t, you may feel disease, whether mental or even physical. Be aware of how you feel in a given situation.

Get still through meditation and mindfulness. Mindfulness means being in the present moment and being at ease with it. This is not to say that you should do nothing in situations where things are hard. It only means that you can be in the moment and not be reactive, fearful or angry. Be there without resistance and wait for the answer to come. Meditation can help you keep your focus on the present moment and let go of any anxieties related to the past or the future. There are many forms of meditations including using mantras and visualization.

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Notice frequent accidents, roadblocks or detours. Frequent accidents are telling you to pay more attention to your life and to slow things down. Sometimes, we get into a hamster-wheel mode and we become so accustomed to going through the motions that we miss certain cues or signs. This can be literal, in other words we could start to have more fender benders or drop things more. When it happens often, it can also mean that we’ve become disconnected with the present moment. Road-blocks and detours can have a deeper meaning too. When you’ve been trying to reach a destination or make something happen, and you keep running into blocks, life may be trying to tell you “Don’t go there right now!”. If you find that you’re often dropping things, bumping into things, or even having more serious accidents, your mind and body may be telling you to slow things down. If you find you’re trying too hard and feeling like you’re forcing things to happen on a specific project or thing, this is a sign you need to let go of control and detach from the outcome. It may be that the timing is off or even that this isn’t the right thing for you. Pay attention to these signs as they may be telling you to back off and let things happen naturally. There is usually a good reason why something isn’t coming together.

While the universe likes to move fast, if you’re finding that your attempts at moving things forward are being met with frequent resistance, take a minute to pause and rethink your plan. Does it really feel right for you? If not, you may need to walk away. Manifesting your desire involves careful planning, deliberate action, letting go and giving things time to build momentum. It’s like watching a pot of water boil. It takes much longer then if you walk away and focus your attention on something else for a while. Eventually, the pot will be boiled if you let it do its magic.    

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My name is Michelle. I’m a postgraduate qualified professional with over twenty years of experience as a group facilitator and public educator. I’ve helped thousands of people re-imagine their lives and create concrete plans for self-improvement. I’ve facilitated dozens of workshops and support groups on topics like stress management, mental health and wellness, goal setting, grief counselling, safety planning, and confidence building. I’m a former social worker and crisis services coordinator, and after working for eight years as a non-profit consultant, I felt a strong desire to return to helping people. I created Authentic World Inc, an international life coaching company that offers one-on-one support and self-directed courses on personal development topics. I also teach philosophy part time at Carleton University in Canada’s national capital. In my coaching approach, I consider the teachings of the modern philosophers of our time and use a holistic method for teaching you how to become more compassionate towards yourself and improve the quality of your life in the process.






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